What exactly is a light worker/ clairvoyant/ intuitive healer/ source channel?

Energy is vibration and it travels in waves, like electricity. This is your electromagnetic vibration and can be measured up to five feet away from your body. Most people can feel that off of another human being, they may not be able to articulate it. But when you're in close proximity, you feel other people's energy. I can feel that at greater distances. I can feel and to tune into people's energy anywhere on the planet.

When I “tune into your channel”, I feel the subtle vibrations of your energy. I see images, called clairvoyance (clear seeing), and hear words, called clairaudience (clear hearing), to translate your vibration into a reading.

Now, if you’re new to this process, that may have sounded like a bunch of gobbledygook that left you thinking, “huh??” So, here’s a quick example of what I mean:

I sit quietly, close my eyes, think of your name and sometimes your face. Then, inside my mind, I may see your body surrounded by colors like green, white, or pink. Or I may see a symbolic image like a bumblebee or just you standing in an open field. Other times, inside my mind, I “hear” words, phrases, and sentences, such as, “There are gems and diamonds within, continue to excavate. Pure gold shines with polishing.” These symbolic images and phrases are the basis of your session and lead to your clarity, guidance, and alignment.

I’m highly sensitive (only about 20% of the population is) plus a naturally gifted intuitive, clairvoyant, and source energy channel.

The guidance that you receive will help you to align with your heart, provide high levels of clarity and direction on how to move forward.

If you are ready to live a more soul-centered life, let’s get started right here!

What happens during an Intuitive Energy Reading & Guidance session?

Unlike coaches who may follow a set formula, every session is unique based on clients needs.

It is important for you to know that once you book your session, you are giving me permission to read your energy. I usually do your energy reading on the morning of your session, around 7 or 7:30 am Pacific time. There’s nothing you need to do and you won’t notice anything happening or different going on. I do your energy reading before the session so that I get a clear reading and am not using facial expressions or body language to interpret your energy.

I take detailed notes, which may include channeled messages, guidance or action steps. During your session, we go over those notes together in a conversational style format. Often I will draw one to three oracle cards depending on the length of the session. These inspirational tools help us go deeper into the convo, get us out of our normal mode of thinking, and tap deeper into intuition to add any extra wisdom or guidance needed to finish the session off.

I also give action steps (some clients call this part the guidance), or things you can do, along with a Success Action Sheet where you list your their action steps, when you’ll start/complete them (or list if it’s on-going) and take notes on results or why you’re deliberately choosing not to follow the guidance. I include energy healing when it’s called for.

You also get a follow-up email with your main notes and action step success sheet. Zoom clients get a video replay of their session. I have ongoing relationships with my clients and check in on you when guided to.

I’m feeling a little vulnerable as I read this. Is that normal?

Yes, but please know this: I adhere to high standards of morals and ethics. I won’t read your energy without your permission. Consent is incredibly important. Permission is given when you book and pay for your session/s.

Are you psychic?

No. All things that have yet to manifest or happen exist in vibration first.

A psychic or “fortune-teller” is picking up those vibrations. I am not a psychic. I am a highly sensitive intuitive, I feel your vibration, or energy, in the present moment.

Because you have free will, your outcome and destiny can change at any time. I cannot predict or guarantee what happens after your session or at any point in the future.

You are manifesting your destiny right here, right now and in the future also. I can help you to discover and manifest the best life that is possible for you.

What are spirit guides?

Spirit Guides are beings who are in the spirit realm, and presently not incarnated into physical form. Some are souls that have incarnated with you in other lifetimes. Some have been physically present with you this lifetime and passed over to the spirit realm. Some are advanced souls that have chosen to help with soul evolution.

Spirit Guides walk with us even though we walk in our lives in many different ways.

Do you do tarot card readings?

I provide individualized, detailed energy readings and guidance. Often I will draw one to three oracle cards, which are different than tarot cards, depending on the length of the session.

Tarot cards are “fixed” like a deck of playing cards. Though the art may vary, the number of cards, images and meanings are always the same. Oracle cards vary from deck to deck based on the intention of the author.

I don’t just deliver channeled messages, read cards, or give generalized fluffy info, full of vague platitudes and positive intentions.

Is this a little bit “new age” or “woo-woo”?

I’m on a mission to demystify the Woo and normalize the conversation around energy, clairvoyance, and the Law of Attraction.

A session with me feels like you’re talking with a great friend. I don’t go into trances, speak in weird voices or anything like that.

It’s just me, you, and an authentic, loving conversation. The guidance that you receive will be doable, realistic, and specifically tailored for you. I’ll never suggest drastic action or anything that isn’t aligned with your morals and values.

Can you help me with my business?

I work with entrepreneurs and businesses to help them understand their energetic imprint on consumers, uncover energetic blocks as a whole, and with individual employees to help them access creative solutions from an energetic perspective to drive the brand forward or make a shift if needed. Let’s book a session!


I love you and I believe in you. It takes courage to ask for the help, guidance, and support you need. Your soul deserves this!

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Are you ready?