Kind Words from Beautiful Souls

At first, I had some hesitations about Intuitive Reading & Healing sessions with Cathy. I wasn’t sure about spending the money on something so “alternative”.

It has been amazing! Cathy is always aligned with my spirit and where I’m at. She’s always right on and knows exactly what to say to provide the validation, reassurance, and direction that I need at the moment.

I find our sessions so valuable and I love it! So good for my body, mind, and spirit.
— Debbie N. Therapist & Consultant

Cathy has such a powerful, loving and caring energy about her! I am in awe of how my guides worked through her. After hearing what she had to say to me, I am just feeling so much love, and honestly a lot of relief. THANK YOU for conveying those messages, Cathy!

To anyone who might feel a tug to get a reading from Cathy, I highly encourage you to do so.
— Hannah H. age 23, Coldwater Michigan

I love receiving Cathy’s emails! They are always so aptly timed for what I am questioning/thinking about. I never delete until I have read them and I always end up reading them at the perfect time.
— Adrianna M. age 37, world traveler

I had a mini-session with Cathy and even in our short time she got right to the heart of the matter. She saw exactly what I’m working with, which chakra and offered solid tools to help me change in that area. I felt safe, held, and seen by Cathy. In fact, it was like connecting with an old friend! I highly recommend Cathy’s services to anyone. She has a true gift.
— Julia M. writer

I started following Cathy on Facebook and just love her authenticity and how she shares her gifts in such a loving and uplifting way. My Mini Reading was RIGHT ON! Thank you so much!
— Anna H.

I didn’t have any hesitations about doing the intuitive reading. As a highly intuitive person myself, I was seeking help with putting my thoughts and understandings into perspective.

Cathy is a sounding board, a friend, a confidant. A lot of things that we discuss during our sessions are subjects that I find difficult to talk to anyone else about.

She provides a safe, meaningful space for discussion and clarity. I didn’t realize I was missing that until I started receiving readings regularly.

I always walk away from our sessions feeling calm, peaceful, informed. The readings create mental and spiritual alignment for me.
— Lauren M. chiropractic student

I enjoyed my session with Cathy. She is an awesome intuitive! My reading gave me such clarity.
— Velvet L. age 38

I had zero hesitations about my Integration Intuitive Reading with Cathy. She affirmed that I am on the right path and on the tail end of a transformation period. I use oracle cards kind of as a guide for journaling and I purposely didn’t ask a lot of questions. I loved having someone else pull cards for me… they were all extremely on point.

I also really like the way Cathy does her sessions and would absolutely recommend her. She’s awesome and I can’t wait to work with her again.
— Lori M. age 42

With nervousness and excitement for the unknown, I called Cathy as soon as I heard about her. My Integration Oracle Card reading was validating and comforting. It was a great experience being in the company of a like-minded person who has similar beliefs and seeks guidance from similar sources.
— Lauren J. hairdresser

I hesitated to have intuitive oracle card readings because I fear the answer will not be what I want it to be, or that the guidance will feel too overwhelming to follow. I couldn’t believe how much of what came from my reading with Cathy was right on. There are many thoughts, ideas, feelings that I have that I don’t share with others. I felt that in my reading these were validated to me in a way that only I could understand. It all made total sense and was completely unexpected. I felt a sense of relief and clarity, and the ability to release doubt, knowing I’m moving in the right direction and can do so with confidence.

Cathy is so intuitive. She’s very articulate with delivering messages, which allows many people from different backgrounds to resonate with her work.
— Lindsay W. reiki master & certified angel card reader

Cathy has such a welcoming and safe energy. I was surprised how open I was to what she had to say and feel comfortable exploring different possibilities. She has a gentle way in which she guides and encourages you to try something new or explore something you haven’t yet been brave enough to bring to light.

After just one session, I’ve had a little more confidence- even in the little things like making decisions in the grocery store and apologizing less. What Cathy has to offer is so beautiful. Those who are open to it only have things to gain from her encouragement and direction.
— Erin S. registered nurse

I was surprised to learn the extent of Cathy’s gifts- how intuitive she really is. When I reviewed my initial reading, the messages became even more powerful than they were in the original moment. This was a huge benefit -I could reflect and see how everything unfolded and how much it played out in life.
— Tanya P. healer, intuitive, coach

I’m a skeptical person and oracle card readings don’t fit into my default worldview of science and logic. I WANT to believe that there’s a greater force and that we can tap into this energy. However, during my integration card reading, I was pleasantly surprised to see how naturally the cards, and their meanings, fit into my specific question. I gained a new point of view with clarity around what’s really important to get me where I want to go next. Cathy because she has a gift of insight. Working with here was a truly special experience.
— Lisa B. online digital strategist

I was a little hesitant about the session It was new, unfamiliar and seemed a little “voodoo”. However, it was REVELATORY and PERFECT for me.
— Leah T. age 41, mother of 3