Cathy Weiss


Intuitive Energy Reading and Energy Healing. Get the healing messages and guidance you need.

I'm a lightworker: one whose purpose is to bring healing and light to the world via my skills as a highly sensitive intuitive.

Why would you even need a Lightworker in your life?

Because you’re feeling stuck, meh, or like you’ve got this thing inside – a secret or longing – that you’re afraid to tell your people about. You’re afraid because they’ll think your weird or crazy or BOTH. Worse yet – you did tell, and they DID say you’re crazy. 

Now you’re full of doubt, confusion, wondering if maybe you are crazy. You’ve lost trust and faith.

Here’s where I come in and help empower you to get YOU back, to know that truth again. Think of me as your Spiritual UPS woman, delivering the guidance, messages, and healing you most need now to increase your vibration and elevate your vitality.

YOU are a valuable and vital piece of the Universe. When you focus on your own healing you heal, empower, and elevate the entire Universe. How cool is that???

Are you ready to feel better and elevate your vitality?

Some interesting info on what I do...

I use three modalities to help you heal and increase your vitality. 

Intuitive Energy Reading- Energy is a vibration, it has no language. I interpret energy, which could be from your physical body, spirit guides, or source energy. I put words and images onto this energy and explain what you need to hear. Most women find this affirming  and comforting.

Energy Healing- Similar to Reiki, I run in positive energy in the form of light and pull out old, stuck, negative energy. Sometimes this is hands-on and sometimes not. I use my intuitive gifts to know what you need to feel better.

Customized Yoga- Your needs are met right where you are physically and energetically.  Sometimes I have your session all planned out and sometimes I change it up as I feel your energy and determine exactly what will meet you needs in the moment. This is why yoga with me always feels perfect.


Your life will feel better as your raise your vibration and learn to trust and follow the whisperings in your heart. You'll feel grounded and safe, able to manifest the life you've been dreaming of. Most importantly, you'll receive Divine guidance from an outside perspective and someone you can talk to spiritually. You'll find our time together to be supportive, comforting and validating.


The technical details:

Teaching yoga to groups and individuals since 2006 and a former yoga studio owner, my qualifications and experiences include certification as an E-RYT 500 and a Master's Degree in education, specializing in curriculum and instruction. That makes me an expert at designing well-planned, sequential healing courses specific to your needs.

I've also been trained in Pre/Post-Natal Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga where I learned to run and pull energy, and Master Training in Subtle Body (part 1) which makes the  yoga portion of your healing session more powerful that just yoga poses alone. I've received Reiki Level 1 &2 attunements. I've been mentored by senior, LA based instructor Jeanne Heileman as well as assisted her only U.S. yoga teacher training. In 2018, I will be guest teaching portions of her only U.S. Tantra Flow yoga teacher training.  I've also studied with Rob Bell on finding my groove as a Spiritual teacher. 


Not sure where to start?