Cathy Weiss

Intuitive Energy Guide

Intuitive Energy Reading and Energy Healing. Get the healing messages and guidance you need.

 think of me as a personal trainer for your soul

You are a valuable and vital piece of the Universe. When you live your soul-centered life you elevate the entire Universe.  Just like you need to work out and care for your body, you need to regularly care for, grow, and expand your soul.

As an intuitive, I have a high degree of sensitivity and ability to feel your energy. This is your electromagnetic field that extends naturally away from your body. As I “tune into your channel” I get images in my mind that are often symbolic – that’s called clairvoyance or clear seeing.

Other times I hear words, sentences, and phrases – that’s called clairaudience or clear hearing. I use those images and words to describe back to you, in words you understand, exactly what’s going on in your energetic field and within your soul.

I provide you with healing, comforting messages. Plus, I give you practical, real life to-do guidance that will help you right now. Your reading will help you feel better, give you clarity, and help you answer big questions you’ve been asking.

Sometimes your reading will even let you know you’re doing everything fine and can relax and enjoy yourself a bit!

There’s all kinds of things that might come up. Know this: an Intuitive Reading and Healing session with me is all about right now, present moment guidance that helps ensure you’re living your soul-centered life.

Like working out, it takes on-going discipline and support to fully live the satisfying life your soul is calling you toward. Together, we can get you there.

Your soul deserves this.

"It's important that everyone have access to a safe, meaningful space where they can receive love, guidance and clarity (and sometimes a kick in the booty!). Our minds and souls need alignment and balance just as much as our physical bodies do!"

Lauren M., Chiropractic Student


other chapters of my life where i used my intuitive gifts:

I taught first and second grade for 10 years. I'd meet these little guys on the first day of school and some would look at me and say, "I don't know how to read." I knew on a daily basis exactly what to do to create prolific readers and writers. No two school years were ever the same because no class was ever the same.

I've been a yoga student for 22 years. I've spent most of it with my eyes closed. Because if I'd look at other students, I just knew what subtle shifts they need to make a pose go from UGH to AHHHHH.

Which means, yes, a yoga teacher for 12 years I got (and still get) to tell students those subtle shifts and watch them go from UGH to AHHHHH. Super rewarding!

As the creator and founder of Yoga Flirt, where the wisdom of yoga met the free flying experience of pole fitness, I intuitively built a four plus year curriculum that helped women grow their souls while embracing their femininity.  

Now I'm out of the intuitive closet and ready to help you grow, expand, and heal your soul. 

Not sure where to start?