Intuitive Energy Readings for Clarity, Confidence, Guidance, & Alignment

Do you feel stuck, uncertain or longing for more?

Or like everything's at stake and something has to change? 

Together we can get you that feeling of freedom, of living your life's purpose, and of deep, true value that you're seeking. 

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Welcome! You’re in the right place.

My name is Cathy and I help women and men who are feeling stuck or uncertain find clarity, direction, and alignment.

I'm a Clairvoyant, Intuitive Guide & Source Energy Channel, though some call me their coach and others their healer. I don't care if you call me your Fairy Sparkle Unicorn Godmother. What matters is results, and 100% of my clients agree that's what you get when you work with me. Your reading will help you feel better, give you clarity, and answer some big questions you’ve been asking.

Your SOUL deserves this.


Intuitive Energy Readings


Mini Messages

Go from feeling uncertain to ALIGNED in just 30 minutes. You get connection, presence & authentic conversation.

Clarity Intuitive Energy Reading

Get clear direction and start moving forward with a single Clarity Intuitive Energy Reading.

The 6 Session Alignment Series

Six Intuitive Energy Reading & Guidance sessions for powerful healing and a true life transformation.


“I didn’t have any hesitations about doing the intuitive reading. As a highly intuitive person myself, I was seeking help with putting my thoughts and understandings into perspective.

Cathy is a sounding board, a friend, a confidant. A lot of things that we discuss during our sessions are subjects that I find difficult to talk to anyone else about.

She provides a safe, meaningful space for discussion and clarity. I didn’t realize I was missing that until I started receiving readings regularly.

I always walk away from our sessions feeling calm, peaceful, informed. The readings create mental and spiritual alignment for me.”

— LAUREN M. chiropractic student


What would it feel like if you fully trusted yourself, your impulses, your desires and could speak aloud the truth of your life?

Feeling is EVERYTHING and the gateway to MORE of what you need & desire.

This is where it all starts, and we can get you there together.