How to Manifest your Dream Life

The reason you haven’t manifested your dream life yet? You’re doing it wrong.

The manifestation part, I mean, not life. You can’t get life wrong, not really.

Here’s the thing. The life you’re living right now? You’ve manifested everything. Whether you believe it or not, everything from the car you drive (or not), to where you live, to the clothes you’re wearing, to the number on the scale, to your health…all of it is your manifestation.

The first thing to know is what you mean by “manifest your dream life.” Most of us mean the good stuff. More money, a different better-for-us-house, the love of our life, a career that makes us feel valuable, living our soul’s purpose and so on.

I was introduced to the Law of Attraction in 2012. Practicing and using it the way it’s generally described has produced some positive results for me. 

At the time I was commuting 4 hours each way twice a week for an advanced yoga teacher training. My initial response to that fact was “the driving is going to suck” With Law of Attraction, I focused on the good. The beautiful day, the lack of traffic, the smooth easy roads. 

That shift toward the positive, and a raised vibration in alignment with good driving conditions meant the driving didn’t suck for eight whole months. 

Law of Attraction and the manifestations it’s supposed to create mostly goes like this: raise your vibration, come into alignment with the things you desire, and ta-da here they are.

While this is true, I’ve discovered that general, vague-ish description leads to general, vague-ish results.

So how do you do it? How do you get those amazing results you’re dreaming of? 

I’ve discovered through practice and play that there are five elements to manifestation.

  1. Ask. 

You’ve got to ask the Universe for what you want in as much detail as possible. You have to include why. 

Here’s why this step is crucial. Say you want more money. We live in a world where money is a part of our lives and we need plenty of it to create our ideal lives. There are two ways to ask, vague or specific.

Vague: Dear Universe, please give me more money.

Universe: Well, one dollar is more money so here’s a dollar.

Specific: Dear Universe, I need $500 more every week so that I can pay off my debt/buy those killer Jimmy Choose I’ve been drooling over/move to the rain forest and save all the animals.

Universe: You got it! Do you believe it’s possible?

2. Believe.

You cannot manifest anything you don’t believe is 100%, undeniably possible. 

Let’s stick with the example of money. If you write down your ask, and I suggest you do because it helps clarify your thinking, and inside you have that uncomfortable feeling like, “Ha. That’s never going to happen.” Or feel sort of let down, broken-hearted about it, the money won’t come in.

Here’s what I mean:

You ask: Dear Universe, I want 10 million dollars, so I can quit my job and travel the world.

You feel: There’s no way that will ever happen.

You get: Nada.

You have to ask for an amount that doesn’t push your buttons. Over time you’ll be able to stretch that number out and ask for more.

Try starting off asking for enough money and time off to travel to that one place you’ve always said you wanted to go.

You ask: Dear Universe, I need this amount of money and this many days off work to travel to my bucket list location because it will fill my hear with joy.

Universe: You got it! Are you willing to take inspired action?

3. Take inspired action.

I wish all we had to do was ask and then sit back and watch the magic happen. But we came into this life for the experience. We want to participate in the creation of our manifestations, it’s so much more satisfying that way.

As we go back to our money and dream trip example, the question becomes what have you been thinking about doing? Somewhere in the recesses of your mind you’ve been saying to yourself, “I really need to do this.”

Maybe you need to ask for a raise. That means taking action like gathering evidence of how you’ve exceeded expectations at work, the ways in which you’ve contributed, and why the company you work for benefits from your commitment. Plus, you have to  schedule the appointment, walk in there and ask.

Or maybe that’s not a thing because you work on a fixed pay scale. Then your inspired action becomes “how can I generate more income?” Maybe you join a network marketing company and make sales as a side gig. Maybe you clean out your cluttered jewelry box and sell some things. Maybe you downsize your home to save on rent or mortgage.

If you work for yourself, is it time to raise your prices, update your website, or hire some help?

You say: Dear Universe, I can’t even. Just show me the money, OK?

Universe: Uh, nope.


You say: Ok, here we go. I’m putting my head down and doing the things, even if they make me uncomfortable.

Universe: Awesome. I’ve got just one last thing for you to do.

4. Relax.

Sometimes easier said than done. Here’s the truth that most kick-a** manifestors aren’t talking about. All that good stuff only comes in to a physical body and energy field that’s relaxed.

Some are going to call this non-attachment. I call a bit of B.S. on that. If our heart and soul is truly desiring something grand and amazing, it’s kinda hard to not be attached to it.

But what we can do is chill out, not think and obsess about it all the time, and enjoy our days the best we can.

You: Uh, I’m going to obsess, feel tight, have an upset stomach and be in constant anxiety until those dollar signs show up in my bank account.

Universe: Nice try. You’re too constricted to let me flow it in. It’s sitting right here. Unclench your body so I can give you all you’ve asked for and more.


You: I’m going to set a timer every day for five or ten minutes. I’m going to deliberately relax and soften my entire body. I’m going to be as easy, calm, and relaxed as I can about my life’s situations. If more inspired actions come to me, I will happily follow the breadcrumbs knowing they’re leading the way, step by step, to my desired outcome and dream life.

Universe: Congratulations. You did it!

5. Receive.

The funny thing about this step? By the time you get here the whole process was so natural, so receptive, so easy the way you followed each inspired action that you might barely recognize it. 

It’s important to take note of all you receive, even on a daily basis, so that you realize you are and have been manifesting this gorgeous life all along.

Some people have a gratitude practice or journal. It’s key to offer thanks to the Universe for all it provides. 

I say try this: have a receiving journal. 

At the end of each day, think back and record everything you received. Money, love, hugs, a surprise text, a door held open, a job offer, a new client, a gift, an inspired thought…

You are receiving all day long every day. Cultivating your awareness elevates and simplifies this entire process. 

A final note. Like any skill, practice may not make perfect, but it does lead to improvement. Think of Law of Attraction and manifesting your dream life like a game. You might swing and miss sometimes. In life that doesn’t make you out. Keep playing, keep trying, and know that more and more often you’ll connect, easily and effortlessly bringing your dream life into reality.

Share your wins to encourage and inspire our Soul Tribe community. What aspects of your dream life have you deliberately manifested?  

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