Cathy Weiss

Intuitive Energy Guide

Intuitive Energy Reading and Energy Healing. Get the healing messages and guidance you need.

Spiritually aligned. Speaking from the heart.

I go deeper into wisdom and demystify energy, source connection, soul-purpose, soul-centered living, and the search for meaning and truth. All in a way you can understand.

Tune in and listen so that your heart can begin to show you the way.

Get Foxy

Ready to reclaim your foxy? Terry and I talk about your energy, what affects it and your body, the importance of being in your body, and the role of self-discipline in personal transformation. Click here to listen.

Changing the Face of Yoga

Stephanie and I dive into the energetic seasons, what you can do to support a yoga practice during each season, and why I don’t advise restorative yoga for anxiety. Click here to listen.

Get Happy Hour

Carla and I have tons of fun talking about how aligning with your soul and having gratitude make for a super happy life. Listen now.

Bold Moves

Two great things to listen for: One, Mandie gets a little emotional as I surprise her with an impromptu mini read and healing messages. Two, you’ll find out what the number one boldest thing you can do is. Listen now.

30-in-30 by Locaux

Fast and fun. Energy, clairvoyance, and what the heck an energy reading is anyway. Click here to listen.

Trina Talk

A more in-depth convo that de-mystifies the woo and gives you plenty to think about. Listen here.

Coming soon:

Yes to You

Building a Lifestyle Business

Heavenly Bodies

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