I go deeper into wisdom and demystify energy, source connection, soul-purpose, soul-centered living, and the search for meaning and truth. All in a way you can understand.

Tune in and listen so that your heart can begin to show you the way.


From the Front Row hosted by LaTisha Cotto

Here’s what we jammed on:

How I found out that I was a clairvoyant in 2018 (00:06:12)

  • Being labeled “shy” because I needed to get away from energy on a regular basis (00:10:15)

  • Needing to have it all figured out and happening now (00:14:10)

  • What does it mean to live a soul-centered life v. the great American checklist (00:16:10)

  • Everyone has a unique soulprint that is trying to be expressed (00:19:20)

  • ...and so much more. 

    LaTisha says, “I personally needed this interview and I pray that it blesses you the way it did me.”

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