Cathy Weiss

Intuitive Energy Guide

Intuitive Energy Reading and Energy Healing. Get the healing messages and guidance you need.

 One-On-One Clarity Session

Whether your feeling stuck, uncertain or longing for more in your career, health, relationships, or home a one-on-one session will give you clarity, direction, and guidance. It may seem like everything is as stake. And no, you’re not being dramatic about it.

These sessions are designed to get you out of your head brain and into your heart brain so that you can move forward with purpose, a sense of freedom and true self-confidence and value.

What to expect:

Prior to your session I’ll do detailed energy reading. I do this in advance to get a true, clear reading that isn’t affected by your facial expressions or body language.

There’s nothing you need to do, think about or prepare.

During your session:

We’ll go over your energy reading.

You can ask questions or add in comments and thoughts at any time - your session is a conversation.

You’ll receive guidance, messages that provide affirmation, and have a sense of direction on what to do next.

Three oracle cards are drawn to affirm your reading. These inspirational tools help you tap in deeper to your own heart and intuition.

Bonus!: Follow-up email with key elements from your reading.

Bonus! part 2: The energy of your reading is kept open for 1 week. You can email up to two questions or observations to give you a little extra juice.

Bonus! part 3: Based on what comes up during your session, I may go back in and adjust your energy healing. You may also be given to-do's that empower you to heal your own energy.

Bonus! part 4: all sessions held on Zoom will be recorded and you’ll have access to the replay for 60 days or until your next session, which ever comes first.

In person or via Zoom.

50 - 60 minutes



Alignment: Series of Six Sessions

Sort of like regular hair cuts, when we meet up regularly you’ll make faster, more consistent progress toward freedom, living your life’s purpose, better sleep - you name it. Whatever that thing is you’re longing for, together we can get you there.

What you get:

Six one-on-one Clarity sessions.

You have one year to use all six sessions.

Recommended: sessions every four to eight weeks.

In person or via Zoom.

50 - 60 minutes