Cathy Weiss

Intuitive Energy Guide

Intuitive Energy Reading and Energy Healing. Get the healing messages and guidance you need.

Monday minis

Go from feeling uncertain to ALIGNED in just 30 minutes. Plus, you get…

Connection. Presence. Authentic Conversation.

Meet up with your Soul Tribe every Monday.

Sprinkled with the occasional F-bomb and tons of love, Monday Minis gives you the guidance and direction you need for the week.

Whether you need reassurance, ideas for how to get out of your own way, or clarity on that thing that keeps niggling at the back of your mind - Monday Minis is the perfect treat to start your week off right.


A group* session where each person receives:

  • a mini reading with simple guidance you can use throughout the week

  • a group message that naturally occurs based on who shows up

  • one oracle card for the group

  • replay of the session sent via email, valid for one week

*limited to 5 participants


Zoom meetings - if you’re new to Zoom, it’s similar to Skype. Think of it as a group video call. You’ll get a link to join Monday Minis when you sign up. Be sure to download the app before your session begins. Since we’ll all be live together, you get the chance to ask questions and offer your kind support to each other.


Every Monday 5:30 - 6:00 pm Pacific time.

What if you reaallllly want a Monday Mini but aren’t available on Monday at 5:30pm Pacific time?

No worries! The session will be recorded every week and the replay sent via email. As long as you sign up in advance, I’ll do your reading during the session and you can watch the replay. The link will be valid for one week, so be sure to watch or listen to your session before it expires.



Private Mini

For when you just want a mini reading but would rather have me all to yourself.

20 minutes

Zoom only