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stories of love and appreciation for Intuitive energy Reading & Healing 

I didn’t have many hesitations about doing the intuitive reading. As a highly intuitive person myself, I was more seeking help putting the thoughts and understandings I have in to perspective. Cathy is often a sounding board, a friend, a confidant who also different perspective on life. That is refreshing and much needed.  I always walk away from our sessions feeling at peace. I'm able to move through life calmer and more informed.

I also feel whole. Meaning I feel more aligned mentally and spiritually after a reading. A lot of things that we discuss during our sessions are subjects that I find difficult to talk to anyone else about. Cathy provides a safe, meaningful space for discussion and clarity. I didn’t realize I was missing that until I started receiving readings regularly.

I would most definitely recommend Cathy. It's important that everyone have access to a safe, meaningful space where they can receive love, guidance and clarity (and sometimes a kick in the booty!). Our minds and souls need alignment and balance just as much as our physical bodies do!

Lauren M., Chiropractic Student

I enjoyed my session with Cathy, she's an awesome intuitive! My reading was mainly affirmations of my current situation and the top benefit was that it helped me gain clarity on what's going on. I would recommend her service to anyone who also wants to gain some clarity or feels that they are not grounded.

Velvet, age 36

I had zero hesitations about my Integration Intuitive Reading with Cathy.  She affirmed that I am on the right path and on the tail end of a transformation period.  I use oracle cards kind of as a guide for journaling  and  I purposely didn't ask a lot of direct questions. It was fun to have someone else pull cards for me...they were all extremely on point.

I like the way Cathy does her sessions and would absolutely recommend her. She's awesome and I look forward to working with her again.

Lori, age 42

With nervousness and excitement for the unknown, I called Cathy as soon as I heard about her. My Integration Oracle Card reading was validating and comforting. It was a great experience being in the company of a like-minded person who has similar beliefs and seeks guidance from similar sources.

Cathy is understanding, accepting, and supportive. I'm very grateful that she exposes herself to energy that "needs work."

Lauren, Hairdresser

I hesitate to have intuitive oracle card readings because I fear the answer will not be what I want it to be, or that the guidance will feel too overwhelming to follow. I couldn't believe how much of what came from my reading with Cathy was right on. There are many thoughts, ideas, feelings that I have that I don't share with others. I felt that in my reading these were validated to me in a way that only I could understand. It all made total sense and was completely unexpected. I felt a sense of relief and clarity, and the ability to release doubt, knowing I'm moving in the right direction and can do so with confidence.

I would recommend Cathy because she's so intuitive, but also because she's realistic and understands how difficult life can be and the subtle energies that influence us on a day-to-day basis. She's very articulate with delivering messages, which allows many people from different backgrounds to resonate with her work.

Lindsay, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader

Cathy has such welcoming and safe energy. I was surprised how open I was to what she had to say and felt comfortable exploring different possibilities. She has extensive yoga talent and the ability to bring the right sequence to you. She has a gentle way in which she guides and encourages you to try something new or explore something you haven’t yet been brave enough to bring to light.

After just one session, I’ve had a little more confidence. Even in the little things like making decisions in the grocery store and apologizing less.  What Cathy has to offer is so beautiful. Those who are open to it only have things to gain from her encouragement and direction.

Erin, Registered Nurse

I didn’t have any hesitations working with Cathy because I know her and how much of a kind, caring, and compassionate person she is. I didn't know the extent of her gifts, or how intuitive she is. I was surprised when we started our session because she can receive messages right away. She really doesn't need the cards to do a reading for someone, but they are a nice add-on because they're fun. 

I was also surprised when I looked back at the week after my initial reading and how much of what came up during my reading unfolded. The messages became even more powerful than they were in the original moment. This was a huge benefit -I could reflect and see how everything unfolded and how much it played out in life.

I also loved following the reading with the yoga. Having a private yoga instructor help do the energetic work with me was amazing. I've never had that before and I've never seen anyone else offer that.

I would definitely recommend Yoga PLUS! Energy Healing with Cathy because she does the actual energetic bodywork that's really needed right now. It’s grounding and amazing!

Tanya, Healer/Intuitive/Coach

I'm a skeptical person and oracle card readings, well, they don't fit into my default worldview of science and logic.  I WANT to believe that there's a greater force and that we can tap into this energy. But deep down, if I'm honest I'm still a skeptic. During my integration card reading, I was pleasantly surprised to see how naturally the cards, and their meanings, fit into my specific question. I gained a new point of view with clarity around what's really important to get me where I want to go next.

I would always recommend a reading from Cathy because she has a gift of insight. That insight has, for me, been far more valuable and more special than the service itself. (I don't know if I worded that well, because her service in and of itself is valuable and worth every penny!)

Lisa, Online Digital Strategist 

I was a little hesitant about the card reading portion of my Yoga PLUS! Energy Healing session. It was new, unfamiliar and seemed a little "voodoo". I was so surprised that the cards were very specific to my life right now, bringing up emotions I was burying so I could think about and deal with them, or consider dealing with them.

The yoga matched my reading perfectly. Cathy quickly adapts to your emotional and physical needs, both during the card reading and during the yoga portion. If you’re feeling stuck in any area of life, I would definitely recommend Cathy and her services.

Leah, age 41

Stories of love and appreciation for yoga 

"In the very beginning, I was hesitant about yoga because I thought it had a reputation for being weird, hippy, and kind of like people who did it were out of touch with reality.  That was before I met Cathy! I appreciate her sharing information about the anatomical body and basics of the poses because when she does add an extra layer of the more "eccentric" stuff for some reason it makes it more credible/easier to believe.  She has a knack for teaching a simple concept that I can grasp and then offering something else that's a little beyond my understanding... I like that because (1) I've learned something, and (2) now I'm curious and want to dive deeper.

My whole practice has improved since taking classes with her. She's very knowledgeable and offers specific instruction that are easy to understand.  Not always easy to do... but that's a different story!  I learned that when poses are broken down into pieces and each aspect is introduced one by one, it makes the final pose a bit easier to achieve.

I feel safe and comfortable in the small classes because I know she sees me and my alignment and offers adjustments when needed. I would recommend yoga with Cathy because she offers great classes with great instruction."

Kayli C., 26, Yoga Instructor/Administrative Assistant - student since 2011

"I was nervous and hesitant about yoga for sure because I'd never taken a class and didn't know any of the poses. I didn't know a down dog from a warrior. I was told by a friend that Cathy was a highly trained teacher and that I was going to learn from the best.  She was right, I can touch my toes for the first time in my life! With the  small classes there is definitely more personal attention, which is beneficial to executing the poses properly and preventing injury.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cathy! She wants us to feel better and I feel that from her. She has guided me into a yoga practice that makes me feel more connected to myself, my body, and breath."

Debbie A, 53, Empty Nester - student since 2012

"Yoga classes overwhelmed me a little because there's still a little bit of a stigma around it. Like you have to be a hippy dippy earth mama to do it. I love me a good earth mama, but in a general sense, this deters people who might be interested otherwise. In my private sessions with Cathy, I really appreciate the one on one attention to how my body is moving and what I can do to get the most out of my poses. Lessons that are planned specifically for my body are also greatly appreciated. 

I feel very at ease with her, and even though I'm a yoga novice, it is obvious that she knows what she's doing. My job is very physical, and I am standing all day, so stretching correctly is extremely important. The numbness in my arms at night has significantly decreased, and I generally feel better, less stiff and more relaxed. I look forward to yoga with Cathy every week!"

Evan W., 32, Master Craftsman - student since 2016

"Cathy creates a soothing, safe and challenging environment. She concurrently demonstrates, watches you, and offers up suggestions for correcting a pose that evokes a safe and satisfying practice for your body and mind! The small classes allow for more watchfulness and guidance from Cathy, which leads to protection from injury and growth in practice making process/practice more fulfilling. Her cuing is smooth, timely and accurate/intuitive and allows for a comfortable unhurried flow . 

She is excellent with all levels and has the ability to meet you where you are at and encourage progress.

Thank you, Cathy, for your passion for yoga, women and wellness.  It definitely shines!"

Natalie C., 53, Registered Nurse - student since 2016

"Practicing with Cathy has so much more of an impact on my body than attempting to do yoga on my own! After her invaluable corrections, I was absolutely shocked at how strangely I posture my body normally. I have never taken a group yoga class, but I'd imagine that there is no way I would get the same level of care as I do in my private lessons. Also, the private sessions help alleviate the self consciousness of being new to the practice.  Cathy is awesome and a saint!"

Bekki Y., 32, Shop Director at Wine Country Craftsman - student since 2016

"After breaking my foot and then suffering from multiple complications, including a blood clot, I wasn't sure any exercise or even yoga would be helpful. My body did not feel sturdy. I had lost a lot of strength and balance. I simply did not trust my body.

I knew I wasn't ready for group classes. Instead Cathy invited me to join her in private yoga sessions. There were weeks after my clot where I couldn't safely perform salutations or asanas, so she setup restorative poses. When I could stand and move, my leg and foot were weak and tight. She created sequences that helped me begin rehabilitating my foot and it's range of motion.

 It's taken a full year, but I'm back to my old self and then some.

What surprised me with the private sessions is how Cathy incorporates many forms of yoga to help you wherever you are at. Every session is tailored for me. I have the space and freedom in private sessions to go at my own pace, ask questions, try things different ways. While I technically know that in a group setting I don't have to keep up -- e.g. it's not competition, the truth is, I feel inadequate when I can't keep up with most of the class. It's magical to have your practice be made just for you, especially if you're going thru hardships. Cathy has a special ability to see/feel what you need and she brings it to you and your mat every single time."

Lisa B., 34, Marketing Consultant - student since 2010

"At first, I was worried that an all levels class would not challenge me.  I’ve had many instructors over the years that say all levels are welcome, but only cater to beginners. Cathy quickly assuaged me of that little misconception!! She challenges me at the appropriate level and reminds me to listen to my body and do what’s right. I never worry about an injury from wrong directions or improper sequence of poses. Her verbal instruction is precise and easy to follow. She always surprises me with the final expression of a pose that we’ve worked towards, which makes class interesting."

Lise M., 46, Anthropology Professor - student since 2007

"I first met Cathy as a student back in the early days of Yoga Flirt. That was my first introduction to the principles of yoga, too. I was a total skeptic when it came to yoga. In all honesty, I thought yoga was for people who didn’t really want to exercise. As a distance runner, I  didn’t see the value. I eventually ended up teaching Yoga Flirt and continued doing many other high intensity activities but I didn’t add traditional yoga into my routine. At the end of 2012, I suffered a stress fracture and tears in connective tissue in my hip, which required surgery, loads of rest and then rehab. When I could finally get back to some sort of exercise, I had to ease into things and that's where my journey into Cathy’s yoga classes began. I chose Cathy’s classes because she knew my body; I was confident that I would continue to heal in her class and not re-injure myself. Cathy is a student of yoga; she did some research and was prepared to have me in class. She altered poses so I could do them to my ability and limitations. As my hip healed and I was able to get back to running, I've continued to include yoga in my schedule and notice a huge difference in my recovery and soreness when I don’t make it to the studio weekly.

I thought my lessons in recovery were learned already, but what I have learned in yoga surpassed all that. First of all, yoga is harder that I thought it’d be! That squashed my previous opinion of it! Just when you think it’s getting easier, there’s ways to make it harder. That really appeals to me as an athlete; on the flip side, you can make the class what you want it to be and Cathy is open to allow that. Cathy’s classes have also taught me how to quiet my mind; I will admit this is a continuing struggle, but I think I’m getting better at it.

Need more reasons to try yoga with Cathy? She runs a class without judgement to your ability, size, shape, fitness level; she is a gifted teacher that is highly in tune with her students; she will ease you into yoga if you are a beginner and urge you to try new things as you advance. I hope to see you in the studio!"

Leah T., 40, Registered Dietitian - student since 2009

"I have been attending Cathy’s yoga classes for a few years, and I participated in other workshops she’s lead to help women create and retain their sense of empowerment and goals—which definitely happened for me this past year! 

Its’ her yoga classes, though, that have helped me physically and emotionally. As an avid runner with very tight hamstrings and hip joints, the yoga poses Cathy teaches have helped me feel more limber and open (not to mention, yoga has helped me feel more emotionally centered and calm). Cathy’s gift as a teacher, however, is in her sequencing of poses and her attention to working the most minute aspects of a single pose; she turns a seemingly basic pose into a challenging one, which provides an intense but satisfying workout for every class. 

Cathy is a talented and knowledgeable yoga instructor who will provide a unique and holistic experience. She thoughtfully centers on making your mind, body and soul align with your own highest goals."

Stacy P., 45, English instructor - student since 2013

"I absolutely love yoga with Cathy! She creates a fun and inviting environment that I look forward to joining each week. She invites me to challenge myself and my yoga practice each time I attend class. I always leave feeling accomplished and more confident in my yoga practice!"  

Kelsey A., 29, home construction - student since 2014

"Cathy is an excellent teacher. She's very welcoming and personable."

Colleen C., 35, engineer - student since Dec. 31, 2016