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Elevate your Vitality

Signature Sessions to Elevate your Vitality

Yoga PLUS! Intuitive Reading & Energy Healing

One on one healing sessions that include an intuitive oracle card reading, yoga designed to elevate your subtle body vibration, and hands on or distance healing to elevate your vitality. Available in person or via Skype. Scroll down for more details. Use the contact form or simply click the buy now button to get started.




75 minutes:

Integration Oracle card reading - 3 cards

Yoga for grounding & healing - approx. 30 minutes

Energy healing during savasana/final relaxation

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Series of six Yoga PLUS! healing sessions:

75 minutes

First & Sixth session include 3 card Integration Intuitive Readings.

Sessions two through five include 1 card Clarity energy check-in intuitive readings.

Yoga to clear your mind - time varies depending on energy reading.

Energy healing during savasana/final relaxation

What to Expect

- Once you book your session, I'll read and interpret your energy, taking notes. At the beginning of your session, we'll review your notes, where you can jump in with any questions, comments, or clarifications.

- Then we'll move on to an oracle card reading – these inspirational tools help you tap into your own intuition to uncover truth and help you find meaningful answers to gain clarity and healing in your life. 

- Next, I’ll guide you through a yoga sequence that is customized just for your needs, abilities and desires. This will help quiet your mind so that your energy comes through more clearly. During your session additional insights or messages related to your card reading may arise.

- Energy healing during savasana (final relaxation) – Depending on your unique energetic needs I may pull stuck, dark, or negative energy out of your body and/or run positive energy into your body in the form of colored light that matches your needs. This may be hands-on or solely in your energetic field, which extends at least five feet from your physical body.

- Post session follow-up – I’ll let you know if any additional messages or info for how you can move forward came through. You’ll also be able to take a picture of your card/cards for later reference.

- Follow-up email- I may email you some pertinent notes or information that came up during your session, such as links to websites, suggested books, or other resources to assist you in moving forward.

- Newbies to this type of healing work: Be aware sometimes you'll have big a-has during your session. Sometimes, things won't make sense right away. Often, a few days or even a few weeks later all the puzzle pieces snap together and you'll "get it." I always welcome your post-session questions via email to help you understand or for reassurance.

- One session is a great place to start and for us to get to know each other. Like other types of traditional healing, often we need several "doses" of the right medicine to heal fully. Give yourself time and permission to schedule anywhere from 6 to 24 sessions to truly elevate your vitality. Once I check in with your energy I'll have a good idea of how many sessions you may need. Use the contact form to get started.

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Sample Session


Here's an example of a session planned for an in-person client:

Intuitive Reading- 3 Oracle cards to integrate the past, understand the present, and receive guidance for the future. While  the cards aren't needed for the reading, they make it more fun and drive the conversation forward.

Yoga- mild to moderate movement with a subtle body emphasis on grounding, safety, and inner strength.

Guided meditation- with a subtle body emphasis on digesting and integrating strong emotions from a recent difficult life event. The yellow crystal aides that energy.

Savasana with energy healing- I'll be running in kind, gentle, loving energy plus whatever else is needed that came up during the session. The pink crystal aides that energy.

Closing- any final messages that came up during the reading. Smudging to clear both our energies so we can continue through the rest of our respective days.