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Why, Yoga? Why??

I've been practicing this crazy, weird stuff called yoga for 15+ years and lately I have been asking myself the question, "Why?" "Why do you do something so weird, so hard to explain to those who don't do yoga regularly, and yet so completely normal and natural nothing else makes sense?" The answer is ridiculously simple.

It makes me feel better.

ojai crib 3
ojai crib 3

That's all. Really, that's the whole answer.

To paint a clearer picture, I will give you some examples.

Sometimes I feel wonderful and amazing, I do yoga and I feel even wonderful-er and more amazing - strong, powerful, coordinated, flexible, focused, eager, excited. Sometimes I have a broken heart, I do yoga and it is like a little life raft of peace, a time to focus my thoughts away from the ache, and it soothes my body from the discomfort of sorrow. Sometimes I'm sick in bed, I do gentle, supported yoga postures and breathing and it relieves some of the symptoms of a cold or flu. Sometimes I have insomnia, I do restorative yoga or silently repeat a mantra and some yogic breathing and off to sleep I go. Sometimes I'm injured, I do whatever type I yoga I can that will support healing of the injury and keep the rest of my body strong and fit. Once I had surgery on my foot to remover a bone spur, a few days later I was in a yoga class and I felt better.

You see, one of the awesome things about yoga is it's positive focus on what you CAN do each day. It has so many aspects and variations, that to me it is like a magic pill. No matter my condition, my mood, my life circumstances practicing yoga makes me feel better.

For the first many years, probably around 9 or 10, I needed to go to class and learn from an instructor. I didn't just know what to do, it took time to learn. It wasn't until I became an instructor myself that I felt confident enough to choose what type of yoga to do to feel better each day.

All of those years in class, anywhere from one to eight times a week, was worth every second of time, every penny of investment, because each and every time I practice yoga I feel better and to me that is priceless.

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