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Vulnerability+Passion= A Universal Appreciation Explosion

A few days ago I watched this moving video. Take the time to watch it now, because my thoughts that follow are really all about what happens near the end. Did you watch? When I saw the audience simply explode with deep, true appreciation for Christoper I thought, "The only thing that can happen when vulnerability and passion collide is for the Universe to shower you with pure appreciation." You can see his vulnerability in his shaking, his tears, his facial expression. And you can clearly hear his passion in his voice and how connected he is with his singing.

I think for many of us, certainly myself, that which I a most passionate about is also that which can make me feel most vulnerable. I believe often our vulnerability is born from past hurts - being made fun of for the things we love and hold dear. Therefore, our deepest passions, those closest to our hearts, get guarded and protected to avoid further hurt.

What I am discovering, however, is that we are here to live our passions fully and that when we do the ONLY thing that can happen is for the Universe to shower us with appreciation. I have experienced this with teaching yoga.

I am so deeply passionate about the varied aspects of the practice, how amazing and transformational it can be and yet in the past I have hidden that passion and not let it fully come out. I was afraid of people rejecting me, having already been referred to as one of those "pot smoking hippy yoga people". So in my teaching I held back, not wanting to be labeled the crazy yoga lady or something along those lines.

The truth is though, I AM a crazy-for-yoga lady. I love a resounding OM. I love trying weird poses. I love chanting mantras. I LOVE saying namaste.

And now, like Christoper, I am learning to allow myself to be vulnerable in front of others, to lead the OMs, to explain the mantras, and sometimes even allow myself to tremble and cry as I do because I realize the trembling and crying is simply a build up of tons of long held and protected passion erupting fully into the world.

And I also know that the only response from the Universe for me allowing my passion to flow into the world is pure appreciation.

What are you passionate about? How do you express you passion with the world?


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