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The Vibrations of Love and Hate

Vibrations of Love
Vibrations of Love

Did you know that your thoughts are electrical impulses? Did you know that electrical currents travel in a wave, much like sound waves and light waves? The waves created by your thoughts create vibration in your body, one that most of us interpret as feelings. Here's a quick and easy way to feel the vibration of your thoughts. Think of something that gives you the warm fuzzies, like kittens, puppies, laughing babies or basking in the warm sun. Notice how one of these thoughts puts a smile on your face (emotional reaction) and may send pleasant feelings to your heart or belly region.

Now, think of something you find not-so-nice like paper cuts, flat tires, or a food you don't care for. Notice how just thinking about these things can cause you to grimace, shiver, shake your head no, or even cringe in a way you can feel all the way down to your knees.

I got to thinking about this lately based on a blog I read a few days ago. It was posted by someone who owns a popular fitness gym that involves intense cross-training and varying work-outs each day. The entire post was about how much he hates working out. That during his workouts he is thinking about how much he hates it. This is not the only type of feedback I've heard and read about this style of exercise. I've also heard and read about how much people dread it, it makes them want to puke, it does make them puke, they feel like they are going to pass out, they are in so much pain afterward they cannot walk/lift their arms, etc.

It makes me wonder, while this workout seems to provide many people with great physical changes in their bodies (I've seen plenty of pictures of rockin' hot bodies) what is it doing long term to their minds and their inner landscapes?

Your body's electrical impulses extend 5 feet away from you, which is how other people can feel your energy. It makes me think someone who is repeatedly thinking "hate, hate, hate" must be not only deeply embedding that feeling within their own body and mind, but also sending out strong vibrations of hate toward others such as family members, co-workers, clients, etc.

It strikes me, and please know this is just my personal opinion, that the vibration of hate cannot contribute true, whole health and fitness.

I feel very strongly that I want to say there is another way to overall fitness, weight-loss, and good vibrations. I know because I practice this every day. I LOVE practicing yoga and I LOVE practicing pole fitness. I can and do one or the other and even sometimes both most days of the week. It is the reason I teach these two types of fitness.

I look forward to my exercise and to teaching it to other women, I love the feeling it gives me and it does not make me want to puke - I think that's a pretty great reason right there! Vomiting or the desire to vomit is a sign that you body is under duress not in a place of wellness.

(I have also seen plenty of pictures of women who's only exercise is yoga and/or pole fitness and they have rockin' hot bodies, too!)

Yoga and pole fitness make my heart sing like basking in the warm sunlight. When I do these two types of fitness I feel better in my heart and soul as well as get to have a hot, perky yoga butt and smokin' guns for arms. Knowing that my electrical current and vibration can be felt up to 5 feet away from my body means that my students feel my positive energy and love for what I do. I think that is powerful. And hopefully transformational.

I will say both of these practices can be very physically demanding which can lead to some achy muscles, however when practiced regularly it is not so extreme as "I can't move" or "I feel horrible afterward". Both can also challenge the mind, leading to some less than pleasant thoughts.

Another thing I love about yoga, especially when taught by an expert instructor is that she will offer things to do to help calm and refocus the mind toward the positive so that ultimately the vibrational tone within the body ends up feeling better. Plus, this experience of working with and learning to adjust negative thoughts is a wonderful life skill that ultimately can result in us feeling better during challenging moments like paper cuts and flat tires.

Exercise, fitness and self-care does not need to be a miserable, hateful experience. You can experience joy, happiness, elation and pleasant thoughts and feelings while working-out. Simply choose a style of fitness that encourages and allows you to feel good in your body, mind and energetic, vibrational body.

I choose the vibration of love. What about you?

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