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Just Walk Away

Life sends us signals and signs all the time. Its our job to listen and trust even when we're not sure where those signals and signs are sending us. This morning is a great example of me not listening....sigh. Live and learn and try again. Listen and trust even when we're not sure where those signals and signs are sending us. Listen to my own advice, even! :)

This morning as I was checking email the power went out and my first thought was, "I hope it stays off for a while so I can procrastinate on writing my newsletter and go read a book." Clearly this is what I really, really, really wanted to do. But then the power came back on and I figured it was best for me to get going on my work, which I did.

About an hour or so into working on my newsletter the server went all "funny" and wouldn't save my work. After about 30 minutes of fussing around I managed to get back most of what I had done. So after the next bit of work I clicked "save" and was told my work could not be saved. Ugh. Ok, so cancel that section..,oh, no..."You didn't save your changes" Hmmmm, I can't save and I can't cancel. That's when I gave up and decided to walk away. I can work on it later when its not such a struggle.

And then I realized that right away this morning I didn't really want to work on my newsletter anyway. The Universe decided to make it difficult for me until I finally gave up the struggle. I probably should have listened to my heart in the first place. It just makes me often do we ignore the truth, the answers, the knowing in our hearts because our monkey minds are telling us something different? Its certainly something that takes practice and I think practicing on the small things in life makes it easier to hear the messages for the bigger things in life.

When life is sending you a stop sign, give up the struggle and just walk away.

I'm going to read a book now....