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Just for Fun, a Giggle, and some Inspiraiton

Several years ago in a yoga class, I farted. Yep. There it is. Not a girly, cute little toot. Big. Loud. Explosive. FART!!!

Know what happened? 2 people giggled for, like, a second. And class went on.

I didn't die. I didn't crumple in humiliation. No one pointed fingers and howled at me.

It was no. big. deal.

I'm telling you this because so many women tell me they won't do yoga in case they fart. Guess what? Farts are normal, human functions and they happen sometimes. So what?

You might fart in a yoga class. And taking a yoga class might make you feel better. You might get stronger, more flexible and calmer. You might improve your posture and your mental attitude. You might radiate health and vitality.

I encourage you to release the fear of a fart (and any other self-limiting fears) and embrace all the goodness that yoga has to offer.

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