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December 2017: Strong Body, Resilient Mind


Self-care is an on-going, daily process. While our newsfeeds may make it seem like it's all massages, cupcakes, and retreats to exotic locales, the truth is much more mundane than that. 

Self-care is the daily and weekly tasks that keep your body functionally strong and flexible, that keep your mind calm and focused, with a result of a  productive, joyful life. That means showing up for the things that do this for you, even when schedules are abundant with festive, seasonal activities. Self-care is just an off-season thing, it's an all the time thing.

So why yoga? Because it's a three-for-one. The style I teach provides strengthening, flexibility, and techniques to focus your mind.

If you read the strength part and started to freak out, like it's too hard and there's no way you can do a strong yoga class here's a little reassurance: There are two main ways to build strength in yoga. The first is to s-l-o-w down your movements. For example, instead of swinging your leg and foot forward to your hands, take four or five counts to deliberately place your foot forward, even if it takes a couple steps. This strengthens your core and frontal hip flexors.

The second is to simple poses for longer periods of time. You don't need to do poses that look like they belong in a circus act to get strong, holding a basic standing pose like warrior two for close to a minute strengthens your legs, arms, upper back, and core.

You can expect both types of strenghening in this month's classes, balanced out by some nice, juicy stretches to release the areas we focused on each week. 

Just by showing up to class and trying this type of strengthening will improve your mental focus and resilience.  Often, your mind decides you can't hold a pose for a minute even though your body totally can. Learn how to breathe calmly through each challenge and the results will unfold naturally.

Are you ready to be strong and resilient?  Come to class this month or schedule your private lessons today.