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Getting Ego Out of the Way

Ego is a lot like fear, a great and necessary part of our being, sometimes. Both designed to keep us alive, both can get in the way and muck things up.

Ego is all about, see me, hear me, value me, notice my contributions, recognize me. This is good.

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Permission Granted

Life has been working out pretty interestingly the last five years. I've been away from home dozens of nights for yoga trainings, both as a student and teacher, while my hubby has stayed home. During those same five years, we've been away together on trips and vacations. 

But my hubby hasn't been away from home without me all that time.

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Never argue with...

Monday morning.

The first thought that runs through my head is this, “I would love to paint for an hour or two.”  Right away, before doing all the to-dos because that would feel like freedom.

My response thought was, “I don’t even own any paints or supplies.” The argument with instinct begins.

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