Cathy Weiss

Yoga | Author | Spiritual Teacher

Private and small group yoga instruction for women. Professional, reliable, authentic.

I am all about the love. Love of yoga. Love of teaching. Love of helping women feel better.

Even if your life is perfectly awesome, there can still be ways to feel better. De-stressesd. Focused. Strong. Flexible. Less PMS-y. Spiritually connected. Centered. Alive. Creative. Able to be in a room and not feel like everyone is judging or staring at you.

Yoga is a magic pill, an incredible alchemical process that radically changes and transforms just about everything. As an  alignment junky, I get completely fired up helping women find optimal placement for their body. Once aligned, I allow  yoga magic to flow, teaching you to engage physically, mentally and for some, at the soul level.

There are as many paths to yoga as there are people on the planet. Working in a small group or one-on-one with me ensures that together we find the right combination of poses, breathing practices, meditation and mantra to create your own special formula.

You'll find my clear, professional instruction to be exactly what you need. Challenging. Loving. Encouraging. Accessible. And, I make yoga fun! My pickiness about physical alignment means you can trust you'll feel safe in your poses.

Teaching yoga to groups and individuals since 2006, my qualifications and experiences include certification as an E-RYT 500 and a Master's Degree in education, specializing in curriculum and instruction. That makes me an expert at designing well-planned, sequential courses of instruction to ensure success.

I've also been trained in Pre/Post-Natal Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, and Master Training in Subtle Body (part 1). I've been mentored by senior, LA based instructor Jeanne Heileman and studied with Rob Bell on finding my groove as a Spiritual teacher. In 2017 I'll be learning more about Bhakti yoga, the yoga of love and devotion, from Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band.

I'm the founder and creator of Yoga Flirt, the only program in the nation that combines the wisdom of yoga with the free-flying experience of pole fitness. I successfully designed and implemented the entire student course program, which spans a minimum of four years of unique instruction along with additional specialty workshops. I also created the Yoga Flirt teacher training program and a 135+ page instructor manual and led five of these 95 hour training programs since 2009.

On the "regular" yoga side, I created Peace from Within: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times - a 3 part workshop series to mitigate panic, anxiety and high stress. And I'm currently writing Empty Buckets Overflow: A Quest for Love.

When not doing or teaching yoga, you can find me curled up with a good book, out walking my awesome dog, hanging with my hubby of 15 years or trekking off to the Happiest Place on Earth. I love warm sun, ice cream, and big, fat hugs.

Hi! My name is Cathy and I would LOVE to teach you yoga!